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Mitch Kapor, former co-founder of Lotus Development, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), founder of the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSA Foundation / OSAF), has created co-created again:, which develops a firefox plug-in to share bookmarks.

Why am I posting this?

Although I never met the man, I tried to follow his career since the Lotus days and more so my early Notes days. He was on the board of directors (as an investor) of Groove Networks, when I discovered Groove around Oct 2000 when they published the beta-“next gen groupware”. My enthousiasm waned for Groove, mainly because GN chose the wrong technical concepts and biz model and then married off to Microsoft. I always suspected that Kapor left GN for similar reasons around the same time. My suspicions were sort of confirmed, when he went on to create Chandler and the way he did it via OSAF. Whereas before I had the impression to share a lot of ideas with Ray Ozzie, since OSAF I think that ideawise I am closer to Mitch Kapor, hence this post…

Links, Links, Links

Mitch Kapor’s Blog

OSA Foundation





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