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I stumbled across Peter Gutman’s cost analysis of Vista’s DRM a few days ago and thought to share a few of the more interesting details with you. Fortunately, Jetro Carr was quicker so I don’t have to do the work. Instead, I recommend to read his blog entry. To whet your appetite: Upon reading his […]

Namely the world where almost all the computers today run Intel chips and Microsoft operating systems. Okay, so the Intel monopoly got a little dent when AMD got its act together. Still, more than 90% of all computers in the world come with an Intel (or compatible) CPU and Windows operating system. (Read this article […]

At least as far as streaming their own meetings is concerned. Thanks to feedback from the community, they stopped claiming that “they cannot legally support Linux”, however, they still stream their meetings in Windows Media Format and still do not officially support Linux – only Windows and Mac. If you want to watch the certainly […]

Interesting article in the Register. Describes how a Mr. Hugo Lueders from the Institute for Software Choice (ISC) complains about the way a study about the economic impact of Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) was conducted. (By the way, the most prominent members of the ISC are Microsoft and Intel.) What amuses me: In his letter, […]

What Operating System will you be running on your desktop after 2008? For the next 36 to 50 years? Do you care? If yes, go on and read the essay “World Domination 201” by Eric S. Raymond (of “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” fame) and Rob Landley. In the essay, the authors claim that the […]