The end of the world as Microsoft and Intel know it


Namely the world where almost all the computers today run Intel chips and Microsoft operating systems. Okay, so the Intel monopoly got a little dent when AMD got its act together.

Still, more than 90% of all computers in the world come with an Intel (or compatible) CPU and Windows operating system. (Read this article if you are not using Windows and would like to get a refund). A lot of Big Names tried to break the nonopoly and failed (IBM, Sun, Apple, DEC etc.).

Here is the latest challenge: Chinese company Lemote Technology Corporation (Website exclusively in Chinese) has started selling the first computers equipped with a Loongson CPU (developed and manufactured in China) and running Linux. It is reported to be not that fast yet but requiring very little power.

Well, what is it to you then? Some Chinese computer company produces a fairly slow new computer – so what? Well, first of all, the low power consumption is very good news. Thinking about a billion Chinese running Pentium IV processors gives me the shivers. Secondly, Windows will not run on these computers so they will all be running Linux. Thinking about a billion Chinese running Linux-powered machines should give Microsoft the shivers.

Obviously, no one knows if LinLoong rather than Wintel will dominate the future. Right now, some people suspect that the know-how behind the Loongson is not really Chinese and that selling the CPU outside China will lead to legal trouble.

Even so, the LinLoong combination could be a troubling formula for Intel and Microsoft. Even if it should only be sold in China, it could mean one big market lost for Intel (and AMD) and a lot of developers for Microsoft’s competitors.


One Response to “The end of the world as Microsoft and Intel know it”

  1. The fact that microsoft controlling on every of aspect of computing is debauching the progression of humanity. Without monopoly and fair trading they will, without the doubt, collapse.

    We need LINUX!! We need other type of CPUs! Not just INTEL or AMD….
    We need to be free! and from the bold chinese manufacture such as lemote, arised hopes!

    Can we learn from windows?? YES, but not entirely. Their scripts are always awkwardly put in quasi black box which consumed savagely PC’s resources.

    I agree with you entirely !

    This could be the end of Microsoft and Intel/AMD. Provided that Lemote will be mass produced with high yield and low margin of errors/defects….

    I would even go to China and smuggle Lemote back to my home country!

    There will be no shame of carrying “Made in China” emblem anymore….

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