Concorde installations – the Ubuntu basics!


So here we are, the nth installation. I downloaded 6.06 again, burned another copy and finally the installation went without a hitch.

The only important question during the installation is how to partition the system.

I chose a classic config for the OS: All on RAID1 with a swap partition 1.5 times the size of RAM, so in my case 6GB.

The only unusual config due to our applications is to mount /var on the RAID 10, because the VMware machines are typically installed in /var/lib/vmware/…

Then we updatedthe system and installed multiprocessor support…


First things first, updating Ubuntu as soon as the machine has Internet access. As this is a server and there is no DHCP in the DMZ, I quickly edited the IP config, IP number, Gateway and DNS servers. BTW, when talking to Andy he recommended OpenDNS. Great idea, being able to have “your” DNS server wherever your omputer is, although I haven’t had time yet to check it out.


Next was to install the SMP Kernel for multiple processor support. Using the desktop Ubuntu, you start the Synaptic Package Manager (System-Administration-…), search for SMP and then select the latest SMP Ubuntu headers and images.


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