Concorde installations – VMware Server


It’s the VMware Server, the free virtualisation system by VMware, which we will be using. OK, it’s not as good as the non-free products of VMware, such as ESX, but it is fine for our purposes. One caveat though, moving a virtual machine from a VMware Server on AMD machine to a Intel machine (or the other way round) is not recommended by VMware. As all the servers of the association are currently Intel based, that is not a problem. The association also has a couple of small AMD Shuttle PCs, one of which I thought to convert to a server. Well, that won’t happen now.

So what about the installation of VMware Server and the vritual machine?

If you follow the VMware instructions on and the VMware Server guide (first install the server, then the MUI and finally the client) the host system is quickly installed. Don’t forget to first install the SMP kernels for Ubuntu.

So what virtual machine? The virtual machine should be Ubuntu 6.06 LTS again. So rather than creating a virtual machine from scratch, VMware had the great idea to nourish a place for ready made free virtual machines, called “appliances” – and of course there is a Ubuntu 6.06 one. Disadvantage: disk space is preconfigured to 8GB. As I haven’t found a way to extend the disk space to accomodate the Domino infrastructure, we simply add a disk to the virtual machine.

And don’t forget to change the other settings as well, such as increasing the RAM size and adding another processor. BTW, the VMware Server is limited to 2 processors per virtual machine, if I remember correctly.


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