French court orders Acer to reimburse pre-installed but unwanted software


A nice follow-on to yesterday’s blog about unbundling: A French court ordered Acer to reimburse software preinstalled on a notebook. A total of 311,85 EUR is to be paid back to the buyer for unwanted software, nicely broken down per package (in French but the numbers are easy to understand :-).

But it gets better: An additional 500 EUR have to be paid for “Abusive resistance” to what the court considered a reasonable request – namely, not having to pay for unwanted software. Add to that the usual legal fees.

Consider this: The notebook in question was sold for 599 EUR. If the French court ruling hasn’t got it pricing completely wrong that means that more than 50% of the notebook’s price are caused by the preinstalled software. Which I don’t need if I am not using Windows.

It’s in interesting mind experiment: How many people would really buy the 599 EUR notebook with Windows and other packages (CD-writing software, DVD-player etc.) if a bare notebook without any software was available for 299 EUR?


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