A blog is only as good as its last posting


“Traditional” websites that are regularly updated are of more interest to search engines, and the world at large. Totally static pages may be read once and then forgotten.

This concept of a websites value being reflected in whether it is updated has a variation with a blog. True, there are blogs that their respective audiences feel have some postings that are worth re-reading, but generally a blog’s entire value is summed in the last post ever made, or to be more precise in the group of previous postings as far as regular readers of a given blog go.

By their very nature of a blog’s posting technique, which is a daily, weekly or other time period diary entry it is generally felt that oler postings have less value. The feeling is that older postings have somehow less worth purely due to their age.

I think we have in this thought two classes of blog. Those where entries are more truly only relevant at the time of posting. There are others whose postings have a more timeless quality. Unfortunately for the average reader, or in fact blogger, there is no inherent way to distinguish one from the other.

Yes, many bogs add links in some form of index pane to favourite postings, but these are usually time limited, for example “top posts” may only give most viewed blogs within the last 30 days. This kind of limitation is built into blogging toos such as WordPress (on which this blog is built).

To be able to delve through the total history of a blog and unearth the gems therein is what this blog posting is a about. That is not done with tagging. Even rating schemes don’t cut it on their own. Also top posts, well are fun.
What is important looking back over time is a complex mixture of new context, tagging, popularity and rating all mixed into one. Does anyone know of such a tool or solution? Because with all those blogs there sure is a need.


2 Responses to “A blog is only as good as its last posting”

  1. Hi, Qompute!

    I suppose it is not a problem in general – meaning to have al the favorite blog’s posts. Why do you need them. If we deal with the new blog – just take a look at some posts and you would understand who is an author and what it is writing about.

  2. 2 xztheericzx

    i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
    forward to participating. hehe unless i get
    too distracted!


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