are the collection of techniques, tools and services that support off-line blogging. An offblogger can prepare entire blog postings, including any graphics, including date stamping as at time of writing (as opposed to when the blog entry goes live). When the blogger goes on-line the offblogs are uploaded automatically…

The major controversial point is whether the post should have the date-stamp of upload rather than the date of authorship attributed to the blog entry. Whilst for some blogs such a distinction is not important, to others such could be of critical importance. For example if you are covering a race meeting, or a court case then readers knowing that what you have written is in context of the actual event is an important facet. Whereas if you had crafted a retort by way of hindsight with the benefit of collecting your own thoughts on the matter and perhaps additional research alters the perspective of the reader.

Ideally of course a blog should support both dates, merging two into one when they are the same.

The other major difficulty of OffBlogging is that of integration of the posting not only into the blog itself but also hyperlinks to media outside the blog, for example potential links to youtube or facebook. These should not be insurmountable, since most experienced bloggers correct such things anyway at the moment of going to press, which is the moment of publishing.

In its rawest sense offblogging can be done with any text editor. For example I am crafting this using Windows’ Notepad, and given the ubiquitous availability of same, then anyone can prepare blog postings to their hearts content. The problem arises when re-connecting to the web, whether the particular blog entry is actually posted, whether the blogger has second thoughts about the appropriateness of the posting and finally about whether the offblog entry is forgotten or lost on your hard disk – only to be found some months or years later.

True offblogging tools circumvent these dilemmas and provide an interface to blog websites and technologies such as Google’s and the increasingly omnipresent wordpress.


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