Is Google blog searching corrupt?


I write or contribute to blogs largely on two platforms – and  One of them I have pit a lot of effort into “promoting” and because of the high quality (my definition)  of it content and focus and uniqueness I would have hoped to getting it to the top of Google would have been a cinch.   Not so.  Yes I have got there now after months of effort.  The one I am talking about happens to be hosted on wordpress.

In contrast I started a new blog on  I posted a one liner nonsense post.  Straight in at number one on google.  Not just the first page, but numero uno.

What a load of crap.  This makes total nonsense of google rankings in my opinion.  Gone are the days of independence.  Now money talks.  Google ranks more highly blogs hosted on services it owns, from which it expects to derive more income.  So when you next search google or use google alerts for blog information and want to check the quality of the blog – take into account which blog service it is on.


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