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The bottom line on facebook and similar solutions is they are falling into the same problems that beset Microsoft: they try to redefine the English language.  Whilst Microsoft redefined the terms such as windows and font, facebook are trying to redefine the word “friend”. The truth is that in facebook a friend is someone, anyone […]

Google news page is not working.

Now EcoDiscs have been included by UK print magazines and guess what, many more MacUsers have become victims of the floppy disk like DVDs. See the press coverage of  TheRegister , Slashdot, PCpro … Who expects to have to read warnings on the DVD.  Those warnings are of course smaller than the title and description […]

Are you sick of the endless emails from facebook promising so and so has done something that is so very important and personal to you, only to find that when you get onto the facebook website that you are faced with endless spurious announcements that lead nowhere fast if you can trace the origin of […]