EcoDisc becoming EcoDisaster for Mac owners?


Now EcoDiscs have been included by UK print magazines and guess what, many more MacUsers have become victims of the floppy disk like DVDs.

See the press coverage of  TheRegister , Slashdot, PCpro

Who expects to have to read warnings on the DVD.  Those warnings are of course smaller than the title and description of the DVD…  Therefore you have a foreseeable number of victims.  And because there are a lot of victims and they often have to travel longer distances to specialists or to send their computer for repair, I would guess that a lot more energy consumption (and emission) has been used to fix those problems then the ecodisc is saving.  Not counting the monetary costs for the victims if they are not succeeding with the DIY methods, such as the one I described in October.

Update: If you have found this article via a search engine or a link from another blog, please read the solution described in an earlier article. Basically try to turn the Notebook upside down, on it’s keyboard, then tap it whilst pressing the eject button.  It’s a bit of a stunt, no warranties and no smashing, but it seems to work for most people.

Photo appeared in the test bed blog of the Personal Computer World mag.


7 Responses to “EcoDisc becoming EcoDisaster for Mac owners?”

  1. 1 Jack Bishop

    I hope the engineers can get this disc out of my machine. I can hardly afford Council tax let alone a new Mac.

  2. 2 Nicholas Kerr

    I’ve just become a victim, and it cost me £47 at our local Apple Store to have it removed. The drive is fine, but I’m not sure about the EcoDisc.

  3. 3 B Sadler

    this is actually driving me crazy …stupid ecodisc!!!

  4. 4 Mohab Sabry

    Our Flex Disc you can not load to mac or accepted by mac front load drive due to the .6MM thickness. and other front loader accept the disc and no problem, we think the problem in the design of eco disc.

  5. 5 rpsu

    thanks for the tip to get EcoDisc out of my Apple. You saved my money and spared my wife of beeing around crancy husband…

  6. 6 Sean Marks

    I heard about all of the problems with thin discs in general and was skeptical when I had a Ecodisc on the front of my magazine and thought of the damage it might cause to my Mac drive.

    The disc actually worked!!! I have since foound out that the Ecodisc is the only ‘thin disc’ that now totally works, not only does it eject fine from slot loading drives but it also offers in excess of 99% playability….unlike other thindiscs

  7. 7 Steven Miller

    I recently received on of these discs and I was afraid they might get stuck in my mac, so I did some research and can agree with Sean. Appearently the company worked out all the problems of the past and the disc is now safe-for work, even with slot-in drives as in macs e.g.

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