PBXploration – the new world of communication


The task is supposedly simple: we need a couple of new cordless phones for the office of a non-profit association which looks after a few thousand people.  And a new PBXas well, to make it easier to transfer calls and manage the numbers. Ah and of course it’ll be nice to make use of VoIP, especially Skype which could bring down the cost of national and international calls significantly.

Reluctantly I started to shop around, looked for some nice pice of integrated hardware, all-in-one box, why not throw in the WiFi and router as well, the fewer cables and AC-adapters, the better.

MMmmmhhh.  The typical mainstream high-street stuff is not really impressive.  A few more Skype phones, a few more clever SIP VoIP boxes, but not the wonderbox I was looking for.  So back to the drawing board and coupled with a few ideas, here is what I would love to have:

  • DECT handsets with headset connector or bluetooth, big kys with a nice tactile feel, easy menu
  • Skype integration either via WiFi connection of the DECT handset or some kind of Skype routing of the wonderbox
  • SIP, the VoIP standard which allows the usage of VoIP service providers (and yes Skype is not standard)
  • Easy setup, remote configuration
  • Stuff like VPN would be nice
  • Open address books, which allow sync with personal or LDAP contact solutions
  • CIT, especially with web services like Salesforce or other CRMs, Google Apps, project management, clever tools like highlighting a number on the web or the desktop, right mouse-click and dial using a preferred device, either computer headset, skype handset, dect phone or even mobile phone.
  • Integration of mobile phones (SIP, VoIP clients), sync etc,
  • Virtual office capabilities: voice mail to mail, number/extension for remotely working collegues, active association members (via VoIP, forwarding…), fax to mail
  • Clever, easy and cheap integration of phone conferencing sevices
  • Easy recording (while calling, as well as leaving messages, send messages)
  • Web integration, status, web calls (via Skype VoIP, etc)
  • SMS service for the association, reminders, member SMS info service…
  • Turning the member directory into web based launchpad for inter-member communication, via voice, IM, email, SMS

Just before writing this post, I came across PBXes.com, the virtual PBX, now that is something worthwhile to explore 🙂


2 Responses to “PBXploration – the new world of communication”

  1. 1 Chris

    I can relate to what you’re saying. It seems to me that VoIP for SMBs and personal use has reached a point of critical mass. The options are about to get really useful, but we’re not quite there yet. What do you do: (a) take the plunge now, or (b) wait another 6 months and re-asses the VoIP phone systems then available. This space is going to see big change over the next year or two. My decision would be to go for a hosted service and avoid all lock-ins.

  1. 1 PBXploration - the new world of communication | Based Conferencing Web

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