The quest for productivity


This article serves as well as a post-it to myself: the search for tools to better organise and leverage our lifes, work including experiences, using and recording memories as well as leveraging those with techniques and technologies. And because we are what we are, we have our unique perspective though we live and exist with others.  The productivity techniques and technologies are best when we can tab the life of others and leverage their experience and findings.  It’s a give and take.  Productivity tools need to collect and process our discoveries, automate that as much as possible and provide ways to use that compilation.  Productivity tools must also connect to tools and their experiences, proactively as well as analytically. (I haven’t bother to test and check my few sentences, might be BS, repetition, pseudo-science, whatever. Please be nice 🙂 ).

The point here is not to build a scientific basis or a philosphical observation, it is more like a “state of the quest”…

So CRM wise we haven’t much progressed, it is summertime, holidays etc.  Salesforce answered the request for user license donation.  They want legal proof, some kind of documentation, that tickerTXT is either an association, a charity or whatever.  TickerTXT is a startup PROJECT, therefore we can’t get Salesforce donations unless… another charity donates those donated licences to us. I only know one such org and they might need those 10 or so licenses for themselves. And we at tickerTXT don’t have the time to chase anybody or to create an association purely* for the Salesforce donation programm.  Bureaucracy!!!  Stuff it.

Contact management and sharing

So simplicity rules, we are using Google Apps, Google provides a simple contact sharing functionality called Google Contacts (Google product naming is so… whatever). So all we need from GContacts is to be able to run an RSS feed which we can use as well as providing web links from and to contacts for reference and bingo, there is our simplistic but powerful Contact management.  Those feeds and links will be managed through a simple internal Google Sites aahm… site.

For synching I will use SpanningSync, I won’t look any further, the MAC OSX Leopard does allow sharing Mac.Address contacts via iPhone (or a hack), but primo I am still stuck at Tiger and what I really need is to sync it to my personal account as well as a sync a selection of my contacts to our Google Apps.  Spanning sync allows that as well as syncing calendars.  So SpanningSync, you have a new customer…

Of course there are Google Docs, twitter, Google Blogger, Google Calendar, GTDinbox, RememberTheMilk, Flickr/Picasa, Google Apps, Gmail, Gtalk, Skype…  which we already use.  Interesting potential newcomers are:

Scheduling Planning Coordinating

The classic biggies like (Yahoo), eventbrite, amiando, but also mixx & co.  Though in order to process the invitations and coordination, services like Presdo and the like…  We need to combine that with Google Apps Calendar which we need to sync with our own personal environment, Mac, Windows (Andy!  AARrrGgg), Nokia & co.

Notebook, collectors, processers

There is Evernote (web and desktop) and similar though less powerful tools (Zoho Notebook, tiddlywiki, tiddlyspot, monkeyGTD, Google Notebook, journler, MacJournal, for Linux BasketNotePads Tomboy, for web Luminotes, Zim ).  Scanning using camera devices (Nokia & co) , to a lesser extent I also include services like tumblr and, as well as stumbleupon,, digg, technorati and co.  We need to use and leverage at least some of those tools and services!


*We are actually thinking of founding an association “to support the development and the project of tickerTXT” which under German law would help us managing small donations and fees, give us some legal grounds and leverages for Salesforce and the like 🙂 That way we don’t build some “corporate” structures because those might make our lives complicated when launching tickerTXT with substantial equity funding later this year.

Links and more will be added later.  I also think of simply RSS feeding some bookmark.


3 Responses to “The quest for productivity”

  1. Google apps is religiously used by us as well along with Google Docs. But i think more than that, im helped by a web based project management tool that we use – it’s called Deskaway – its reasonably cheap – about $200 a year and it gives different things like the milestones, tasks, deadlines, team features and all that jazz – check it out. It’s web based so it’s an online repository for things related to work on various aspects of business.

    So the thing about Google Docs that i dont like is that the features on Docs are limited – (although steadily improving) – DA allows you to store files related to projects – i like that.

    Tried to use the Google Calender thingy – dint work too well for me. iCal doesn’t work for me either. Im more of a fan of web based stuff!

  2. Thanks for mentioning Presdo. The vision you have for the next generation of web-based productivity is something that we share. Hopefully, we can do something good about your needs soon!

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