The shortlived Vista experience


My very short-lived experience with Vista Business.
This message has been written on Vista’s Notepad and will remain the only productive work ever produced using this system on my machine.

OK I never planned to keep Vista.  But when speaking with Andy, he was impressed that with my 650 EUR Vista Business was included.  So I decided to check it out a bit.  Checking out meant switching it on and well, watching a DVD 🙂  Twice the computer went down, only rebooting it allowed me to continue to watch the DVD.  WinDVD never remembered where the film was interrupted, so I had to manually go there.  The second time I switched to Windows media Player. Well, some file was missing and the media player never started ok.  The only way to stop the player was to launch the application manager to brutally stop the media application to get rid of that missing file message

Oh hey did I mention that when switching on the notebook the setup process took more than 90 minutes?  How do I know.  Well, I had to watch the first DVD yesterday on my Mac PB, since switching on and entereing the user name isn’t enough.  My HP Compaq first asked which of the 4 I would like, Vista Business German, German 64, English, English 64.  The language question is OK, though this shouldn’t take long.  But why should I decide 64 or 32? My HP can do 64 and from my short research I gathered that only 64 can handle more than 3Gig of RAM. (What a question in this day and age…).

And then it auto-installed… and went on  and on…. altogether something like 2 hours or more, I didn’t hit a stop watch.  Fortunately with relatively little interaction needed, but why all this drama in the first place?  The MS PC world is always arguing that Windows is so easy and for everebody as opposed to Ubuntu and other Linux flavours.  Even I had to check to decide whther 32 or 54 is apporpriate and if I wanted I am sure that a lot of forum discussion could be found around that issue, and what the drawbacks are….

I bet you, the whole installation process from DVD with Ubuntu will need less time – including the tweaks with Wifi which thanks to a stupid industry is mostly based on proprietary drivers.

If ever the question about whether I should keep Vista along with the Ubuntu installation, that experience clinched it.  Why did I have to pay for having it on the machine in the first place?

Bye, bye Vista. Hello Ubuntu.


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