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Andy Swarbrick

Citrix-Guru since 1997, Andy has had a long career in the IT business.  His experience is outstanding and covers Windows Server Systems and Farm, ThinClient Technology in general and Citrix in particular.  Andy has developed a number of tools which make the life of Windows administrators easier.  He also has programmed a toolset which can improve the performance of XP servers to up to 30%.

“Ask him anything about Citrix and you get an answer, not always the one you might have wished, but certainly one which helps your Citrix project advancing. His in-depth knowledge of IT systems surprise more than one, I often find myself simply in awe when getting his advice.” Moritz

Moritz Schroeder

Moritz started as an IT specialist after his business school graduation in 1994 as a Lotus Notes specialist. Collaboration technologies are still a focus of his activities, although his skills evolve around a number of business and technologies areas. Moritz is a proponent of open source solutions wherever possible.

Moritz grew up in Germany and France and lived several years in the UK. He is tri-lingual (German, English, French)

“When Moritz walks into an IT project, his immediate assessment of the situation is astonishingly accurate. His recommendations are often radical, but usually spot on and proven right as the projects move on.” Andy


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    Very interesting work. I like your cryptic style. I’ll be back.
    Xfwm Imtb8

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