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Please check out our new home on  Thanks to which helped qompute to start:  great work, great tech, great place 🙂  Wordpress makes blogging an easy start and it’s never a wrong choice to stick with it, both .com and .org. Our newest post on qompute is about listing web-based group applications, services […]

I am sure that I am not alone in finding it in interesting to think about and understand how particular thread’s take form on Internet discussion forums (and related technologies), how they morph and how they die. By a thread I mean a thought that generates a resonance across at least three active posters on […]



are the collection of techniques, tools and services that support off-line blogging. An offblogger can prepare entire blog postings, including any graphics, including date stamping as at time of writing (as opposed to when the blog entry goes live). When the blogger goes on-line the offblogs are uploaded automatically…

“Traditional” websites that are regularly updated are of more interest to search engines, and the world at large. Totally static pages may be read once and then forgotten. This concept of a websites value being reflected in whether it is updated has a variation with a blog. True, there are blogs that their respective audiences […]