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  Now the biggie, because Lotus Domino is quite choosy regarding libraries and Java. For once the Ubuntu help pages didn’t help me. Try to find the compat RPMs, not easy. And then I found a couple of sites which seemed to have succeeded without those RPMs. Specifically this thread in the forum was promising… […]

It’s the VMware Server, the free virtualisation system by VMware, which we will be using. OK, it’s not as good as the non-free products of VMware, such as ESX, but it is fine for our purposes. One caveat though, moving a virtual machine from a VMware Server on AMD machine to a Intel machine (or […]

So here we are, the nth installation. I downloaded 6.06 again, burned another copy and finally the installation went without a hitch. The only important question during the installation is how to partition the system. I chose a classic config for the OS: All on RAID1 with a swap partition 1.5 times the size of […]

This article is mainly a protocol of installation procedures which btw might help others, that’s why I published them here. In case you are wondering, why I named the server “concorde”. Well the IBM x345 is a rack server which we bought used for an association. Because it’s well supported, got the space for 6 […]

Nice show of what mashups based on a wiki could do. The IBM effort on standards and standardisation is impressive. Hopefully they stick to it and open all their software in the same way.