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Apple is on top, iPods and iPhones are still selling in nice numbers, the notebooks have gained market share… But there is a fine line between luxury, premium and overpricing! Customers like premium, no doubt and Apple has been  en vogue for a number of years.  Premium is justified by a mix of product quality, […]

In the previous post I described how we went from “just buying new DECT phones” and the idea of integrating 2 S0 ISDN” lines, combining them with VoIP and Skype to the discovery of new concepts such as virtual PBXes, also named netPBX or hosted PBX solutions. I had to let that sink in.  The […]

The task is supposedly simple: we need a couple of new cordless phones for the office of a non-profit association which looks after a few thousand people.  And a new PBXas well, to make it easier to transfer calls and manage the numbers. Ah and of course it’ll be nice to make use of VoIP, […]

From time to time, I stumble across something that makes me realise how much we can get used to things. In this case, how we simply assume that having Windows pre-installed on a PCs is somehow normal. Fact is, a lot of us cannot remember seeing a PC offered without Windows. This post presents some […]

Namely the world where almost all the computers today run Intel chips and Microsoft operating systems. Okay, so the Intel monopoly got a little dent when AMD got its act together. Still, more than 90% of all computers in the world come with an Intel (or compatible) CPU and Windows operating system. (Read this article […]

What Operating System will you be running on your desktop after 2008? For the next 36 to 50 years? Do you care? If yes, go on and read the essay “World Domination 201” by Eric S. Raymond (of “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” fame) and Rob Landley. In the essay, the authors claim that the […]

This interview is like a show case of how to use open source in business.  Some might say, yeah but that’s Google, they are special.  Well, read the interview, Chris DiBona’s comments and recommendations on open and closed source are relevant for all businesses and can be summarized to: use closed source, if the code […]