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Apple is on top, iPods and iPhones are still selling in nice numbers, the notebooks have gained market share… But there is a fine line between luxury, premium and overpricing! Customers like premium, no doubt and Apple has been  en vogue for a number of years.  Premium is justified by a mix of product quality, […]

This article serves as well as a post-it to myself: the search for tools to better organise and leverage our lifes, work including experiences, using and recording memories as well as leveraging those with techniques and technologies. And because we are what we are, we have our unique perspective though we live and exist with […]

IBM has finally recognised Ubuntu as a first class Linux ditribution.  And it’s about time, as many customers have long used Ubuntu on their IBM machines as the default OS.  Why? What’s the secret sauce of Ubuntu? First Ubuntu is unashamed and proud of Linux, server side and most importantly desktop-wise.  Ubuntu has a clear […]

Now EcoDiscs have been included by UK print magazines and guess what, many more MacUsers have become victims of the floppy disk like DVDs. See the press coverage of  TheRegister , Slashdot, PCpro … Who expects to have to read warnings on the DVD.  Those warnings are of course smaller than the title and description […]

Yeah, we maxed out the G4-books meory to 1,25GB and the G4s behave better – mostly. All browsers are RAM-eaters. For G4s there is this nice old programm called “Do I need more memory“. Frightening really. Pity that the G4books are so RAM-restricted. So a remedy yes, symptons occur less frequently. However it will only […]

What do you do, if the Mac has eaten your floppy-like EcoDisc DVD and simply does not want to eject it – well you turn the Apple notebook on it‘s keyboard, press the eject button and slap it, I kid you not…

We are using three Apple Notebooks, all G4 PPC pre-Intel: one PowerBook 12″ and two iBooks 12″. We got them to have less trouble and support issues and so far we are quite happy. Recently on two of the machines we have serious performance issues. My guess is age, the need to clean up the […]