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Taking notes


Well I started taking notes “electronically” on my old Palm Pilot, sorry no, my old Handspring Visor deluxe.  I remember first thinking: “why do I need that memo button?”  But it has made sense since.  Under Lotus Domino / Notes one of my oldest databases still in use is a widely replicated personal Journal which […]

My very short-lived experience with Vista Business. This message has been written on Vista’s Notepad and will remain the only productive work ever produced using this system on my machine. OK I never planned to keep Vista.  But when speaking with Andy, he was impressed that with my 650 EUR Vista Business was included.  So […]

IBM has finally recognised Ubuntu as a first class Linux ditribution.  And it’s about time, as many customers have long used Ubuntu on their IBM machines as the default OS.  Why? What’s the secret sauce of Ubuntu? First Ubuntu is unashamed and proud of Linux, server side and most importantly desktop-wise.  Ubuntu has a clear […]

I remembered that message from the beta. The server froze and VMware said to install the new beta. OK. But now it happened again, VMware Server said “new version available” (or something like that) and the virtual machine just froze. OK. The whole Ubuntu Server was killed. The only way to get it going was […]

Now that most of the installations are done, would we do the same decisions and processes again? Would we make the same choices? Overall we are quite happy with Concorde and our installations…

  Now the biggie, because Lotus Domino is quite choosy regarding libraries and Java. For once the Ubuntu help pages didn’t help me. Try to find the compat RPMs, not easy. And then I found a couple of sites which seemed to have succeeded without those RPMs. Specifically this thread in the forum was promising…

OK, now the groundwork for a Ubuntu-based VMware system is done. Now we install the workhorse. So rather than creating a new Ubuntu 6.06 desktop virtual machine, VMware offers us a marketplace of free pre-configured “appliances”, where, of course, a Ubuntu 6.06 VM can be found…