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Is Google Chat proving very unreliable.  The problems I am seeing with GoogleChat include not seeing any other people on-line, previous chats not being saved to email.  I think that is it! Advertisements

Google news page is not working.

Are you sick of the endless emails from facebook promising so and so has done something that is so very important and personal to you, only to find that when you get onto the facebook website that you are faced with endless spurious announcements that lead nowhere fast if you can trace the origin of […]

The New Scientist’s online editoral assistant, Michael Marshall has initiated a useful debate on the behaviour of online communication such as occurs in what are dubbed flame wars.

I write or contribute to blogs largely on two platforms – and  One of them I have pit a lot of effort into “promoting” and because of the high quality (my definition)  of it content and focus and uniqueness I would have hoped to getting it to the top of Google would have […]

Add “view:timeline” to any search query to see if google can display a timeline associated with that set of keywords.

A nice follow-on to yesterday’s blog about unbundling: A French court ordered Acer to reimburse software preinstalled on a notebook. A total of 311,85 EUR is to be paid back to the buyer for unwanted software, nicely broken down per package (in French but the numbers are easy to understand :-).