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This article serves as well as a post-it to myself: the search for tools to better organise and leverage our lifes, work including experiences, using and recording memories as well as leveraging those with techniques and technologies. And because we are what we are, we have our unique perspective though we live and exist with […]

How to¬† configure your personal gmail to pull and push email of your Google App domain Allow Pop (and Imap) for your Google App account (settings, forward / pop3 / Imap) Go to you personal gmail account and click on settings Add an account your google app password do not tick keep password (google […]

What have startups, small independant remote offices, branches and even serious longer term projects in common?  A bunch of demanding people with a cause and often very diverse backgrounds and personal technologies.  Members are usually quite autonomous and very mobile.  They often don’t have offices, or if they have, not every member is their on […]