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This article serves as well as a post-it to myself: the search for tools to better organise and leverage our lifes, work including experiences, using and recording memories as well as leveraging those with techniques and technologies. And because we are what we are, we have our unique perspective though we live and exist with […]

In the previous post I described how we went from “just buying new DECT phones” and the idea of integrating 2 S0 ISDN” lines, combining them with VoIP and Skype to the discovery of new concepts such as virtual PBXes, also named netPBX or hosted PBX solutions. I had to let that sink in.  The […]

The task is supposedly simple: we need a couple of new cordless phones for the office of a non-profit association which looks after a few thousand people.  And a new PBXas well, to make it easier to transfer calls and manage the numbers. Ah and of course it’ll be nice to make use of VoIP, […]